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Getting that dress or hem to look just right is not as easy as it might sound, especially if you are not doing it every day. Trust your finest to us and we will make the final touches that make that outfit fit just right:

Available Services:

  • Hemming
  • Taking in or letting out seams (within the available seam allowances)
  • Seam Repair
  • Zipper replacement

(Sorry, no wedding dress or suit coat alterations)


  • Button Replacement - $3 plus price of buttons
  • Zipper Replacement - $15 plus price of zipper (multilayer fabric, some hidden zippers, and garments requiring extensive deconstruction require a quote)
  • Hemming:
    • Lined Pants:   $12
    • Unlined Pants $10
    • Lined Skirt       $12
    • Unlined Skirt   $10
    • Full Skirt          $15
    • Seam Alteration Starts at $10


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